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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life of PI

short talk:

first things come first...picture talks..wanna congra my best idol Dr. 屎k and Dr. Tan on their relationship status..郎才女貌,才子配佳人,劲过龙咁威
congraz to puan sri Wenni for her Msc, family and better cook housewife..kudos and u r doing great,tats made me envy so much..haha..thank you for the warm message n advice from your recent post...

reason i wrote tis post on is for i think wat good movie to watch
Life of PI

read some stroy line,comment and review on these movie..
sure there will b lots of inspiration,self reflction n message director Ang Lee wanna bring out to us throught our life-long learning process..

goona b a great movie after cold war-寒戰

task i wanna do after settle my exam which due 2 weeks from now:
went cinema and watch "Life of PI", then went back home and sleep for 24 hour,rest kao kao..
then perhaps after put some update on my suicai space after leave it aside for years..




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