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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


*short talk: I wrote tis post on aeroline bus during my route back to penang. Wuhoo,5 hour of transportation is great, there are my only free time to read/write blog posting/etc, do things that I always wanna do yet lacking discipline to squeeze time out to  sharing info.  I waste a lot of time traveling/gossip my google reader/fb/twitter-ing/ driving in a car during outstation, instead of focusing on driving, I shall make full use on time do reading/clear google reader/ upgrading myself, next time should drive travel lesser, in fact, take bus/flight, then make full use of time upgrade myself from time being, hopefully yeekai5 can stretch more n gain more knowledge from time to time. I owes wanna post up a blog title “the important of time management”, but 怎么写都表达不了我想分享的message, so…..*

In a respond to my tun post, url: http://limchoonkiat.blogspot.com/2010/03/iphone.html

On and off, I do mention on my suicai space in windows live saying how we should save n spend wisely. For me, majority youngster of Chinese today r really  spoilt. I like to made observation on young kids outside, they r so MATERIALISTIC.. out on the restaurant or shopping mall, canggih phone in hand, update playstation /psp,etc.. the way their parents treat them, eat good,wear nice with a 24 hour kakak stand by…nevertheless, the teen/youngster that have similar age like me, branded coth, phone,look at their spending power since credit card was introduce.hou keng..  wats wrong with society today?

Parents/society r training  kiddy in such a wrong way. People owes blame Singaporean r kia su n kia si, but for me, Malaysian Chinese today r walking toward,in fact r practicing their wrong behavior. I do rmb last time when I am kiddy tat time, my grandma use to tell us how tought they are,to earn for living…quote u an example: 1 bowl of hot porridge consider their great meal of those day, imagine u feed me/a kids today every meal jus a simple porridge without any side dish? I sure diu u and say: hey!! Wats ur problem,how to makan?  lol

My grandma use to be a typical china fella who use to be so kiam siap..keep money in the “soda biscut tin/under pillow type” ,save save save yet save. classic example will be the leave out food after a simple lunch/dinner. They wont throw, in fact keep in fridge n goreng back to makan if hungry. wherer those Chinese nature beauty character? Sudah hilang since my generation T.T   generation today majority r “chong tong type”, never think wisely in spending, follow the trend, change fashion, hp,pc,car accerceris like crazy…from tis, I can say media n marketing people r doing their great job there, brand,promote,lecture n phsyco N-user to follow, buy like sohai…credit card,online purchase,all r so conviniet for u to buy!!always differentiate those which u think is a need, spend when necessary. I strongly agreed to tun where times when we r affordable, do more charity, spread the RIGHT way to do RIGHT thing. Sign up a UNICEF/world vision/MAKNA,some even can get tax relieve, helping people yet u can get tax relieve,MAN LEI SIONG dim wo..haha (world vision tak ada tax relieve, but do charity, no need to kira so much yea..haha) I consider myself as lucky,got 3 gf above,so monthly commit RM 250-300 to kao them..haha

Quote u guys a song where best suit my currently feeling,eason.

~EASON, 夕阳无限好~

多经典的歌后 一刹眼已走

缠绵着青葱的山丘 转眼变蚁丘

这个刹那宇宙 拒绝永久



多好玩的东西 早晚会放低

从前并肩的好兄弟 可会撑到底


多好玩的东西 早晚会放低?Why so happen? Don blame our parent, don blame our system, don blame to culture trend,Blame ourselves to get pampered all time. 从前并肩的好兄弟 可会撑到底? Why my kawan r getting lesser n lesser?blame myself for being too sohai I lansi I guess T.T

Sunday, March 28, 2010

*short talk*
i am not鸡蛋里挑骨头nor 怪兰,but it jus my point of view:wats the point of supporting earth hour when u pre-charge ur cell phone,lappy,etc to kill ur time during the 1 hour time off light period? some restaurant even put on candle light during the hour period,wats the point?u only switch from using electric current to burning energy from candle yet u still create carbon monoxide, then label urself on supporting earth hour off light 1 hour? i rather u stop breathing (create carbon),go green,lesser plastic usage, recycle more to save mother earth :) at least a more logical action to reduce further harmfulness against mother nature. anyhow, u guys did put in effort to off light,reduce power consumption and u guys earn my credit for those who participate in earth hour :)

short talk

*short talk*
i went to KB,kelantan for past few days made me 有感而发.this is my 3rd time travel there for work, and definitely will come bac again coz the place is great.. few days there in a small city where most people have bias/wrong perception on them (kelantan people):how bad kelantanist treat chinese,how sucks their laws against locals, no pork to eat,bla bla bla racist comment...this is ALL WRONG!!kelantan people are simple n NICE,in fact friendly n are the most unite people i ever seen in malaysia..a normal nasi kerabu + chicken drumstick cost me only RM 2.50..LORF!!here u can c how simple the malay local here...now,look bac to penang n kl where majority r chinese who ruling the food business, conservatively RM 5- RM 8 per dish same as the one i order in kelantan,profit margin at least 20%, don keep on saying Singaporean r kia su n kia si, malaysian chinese r not far behind,picking up fast from kia su n kia si culture =="

Friday, March 26, 2010



*short talk: saw an article saying TNB plan to sue WWF for earth hour campaign, I laugh!! Yea,they suffer great lost if whole nation switch off the current 1 hour.. this is wat u can do when u r the taiko of nobody. quote u example,streamyx,when u r taiko,u 高高在上,目中无人。Times when P1 enter market, they chicken shit, started to do their part n serve their client n service better…same things goes to proton, times when 1980-an, they r king, then they  give arrogant,acu tak acu service. I rmb they almost caught bankrupt in 1990s. I think tis is jus y my beloved country’s local  company can still survive with  great taken care of its LP by my beloved goverment ..No wonder namewee label TNB as TiuNiaBu-F**k ur mother in translate *

*live post from KB*

I am a person tat fail cominication skils ,不善于表达, so I am not good blogger. Blog is a place where I wish to share something from a perception of a 24 years old sohai fella like me…and I wish to congraz ck, I terkena 捉包for 静静creating this  blogspot J  so now I got a 先上车,后补票feelings, must post a introduction post for my yeekai5 blogspot’s kick start :D

Typical sohai like me rate myself partially friendly, coz it takes time for me to mix around with stranger n it is not easy for me to make new friends...be frank, throughout my life, I only have finger five good fren, I loss contact with couple good fren during my Uni time, and I donno wat happen. I did something real bad until they boycolt me? Or maybe am  jus too leng cai till they chicken shit n run away..But no worry, people come n people go,life carry on n I mou diu. I likes to jokes n tease people indirectly to comment peoples’ 缺点。Tat shall be the reason y people owes say I am lansi, 讲话有针。 I dulan fakes, but sometime me myself is also a fakes, no choice, sometimes really need to cari makan n survive.

if I trust u, will nag u sometimes bcoz I really wan my fren to be good..but of course,v r all aldults, different people differ perspective, is U to decide which path u wanna future on…. My horoscope r vigor, but am trying my 50% best to convert myself to half scorpion..haha…I likes scorpion 奋斗不死的精神 characterPeople owes say virgo r perfectionist, but I think I am not, am lazy with lots of excuses.

Ok,this will be my first post of the day..haha

Be good,everyone J